Corporate service station provides vehicle repair and trucks maintenance. The service working time covers two shifts, from 8am to 10pm. The execution of the service, repairs and maintenance at night time and during public holidays is also possible by appointment. With two service cars, fully equipped with low loader trailer with winch, we also offer the opportunity to travel to a damaged vehicle, both at homeland and abroad. We have our own oils, accessories and spare parts. We can provide services on the basis of individual orders, as well as on the long-term agreements. The Truck Service is also equipped with a car wash. We will help you in case of emergency For customers who work with us it is possible to determine the non-cash settlement and payment terms individually. The service is located in the KSSE (Kostrzyńsko - Słubicka Special Economic Zone)  about 800 meters from the A2 highway entrance allowing easy access to the border crossing Świecko in the distance of about 3 km from us.      Copyright © 2013 Trans Logistyka  Copyright © 2000 - 2013 Trans LogistykaCcc ssasa