We offer two warehouses: - first one with the area of 1150 sq.m and the height of 5.20 m, - the second one with the area of 2780 sq.m and the height of 6 m. Storages are equipped with five forklift trucks with a capacity of 2.5 to 3.5 tons. Stores are open around the clock and our experienced staff and continuous monitoring allow us to offer full service logistics. High standard of both warehouses, good facilities and professional staff, make us perfectly prepared for storage of goods that require special conditions and the highest standards. The magazines also realize exports fulfilled by German couriers. Our warehouses are of almost 4000m2 area! Professional equipment and staff enable us to respond quickly to any situations related to the loading, unloading or handling of goods.   Copyright © 2013 Trans Logistyka  The storage system includes also bar code readers and printers and the software that lets you manage the entire system of modern distribution and storage of goods, including the records of the location of individual goods in the warehouse. We have also code scanners that allow the storage and retrieval of the location of each shipment